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Social Conscience Cooperative (SCC) offers loans up to $700 dollars, with fixed interest rates between 5 – 11% with payment terms ranging from 1 – 3 months.
Memebers that are in good standing are given access to loans at the 5% interest rate. In order to procure a loan from SCC, you will need to present two people (referred to as endorsers) who can vouch for your character. Those two people will be contacted and asked to confirm your viability as a borrower.
If your endorsers pass this initial screening test, then you will be allowed to request loans. For every loan requested, your endorsers will be required to put down 15% percentage of the loan. Once you have repaid the loan and interest, your endorsers will receive a refund for their payments. Most communication will be handle over through text and email.
By registering for Social Conscience Cooperative you are consenting to receive messages through text, at the number you provide. Please note that you are also consenting for Social Conscience Cooperative to send your endorsers text messages. To acknowledge your understanding of the above, please click the checkbox below


You must specify at minimum 2 endorsers in order to qualify for a loan.