Welcome to my blog. Here I try to accumulate (and order to some degree) all my past and current projects. The goal of this blog is basically to share whatever I’m learning at the time. Mostly the blog will focus on technology, more specifically on embedded systems, and circuit, design, or large data in health science and research. Sprinkled in-between will be post on various spur of the moment hobbies.


Languages :

I’m a huge fan of languages so I’ll put anything regarding learning new languages of here. As of now, I understand to some degree two languages other than English : Spanish and Portuguese; so I’ll post all relevant tools I use to improve my Spanish and Portuguese under the tags – idomas, lenguas and all the other languages I’m trying to learn will be put underneath their respective names.


I do a bit of woodworking for the main goal of having furniture that’s easy to transport. Any progress in that arena will be published under woodwork.


If I have any cool videos from capoeria or cool training videos I’ll try to post it all under capoeira.

Not Sucking at Math :

To all the people who love math but don’t know much about it excepts for pieces of differential equations, and the annoying thing called eigen vectors which uses the dreaded technique of matrix algebra this section is for you – and me since I’m definitely included in the above.

It’s basically going to be collecting of cool math tips I find from things online, all tagged under – not-sucking-at-math

This Website :

So I really like data in terms of relational data and organizing it. That has basically led me to foray a bit in the wild forest of MySQL and php. I’m definitely no expert, but I’ve done a bit of poking around the internets to know how amazing these two tools are and it’s pretty awesome that wordpress is based on them. Thus most of the customization on this site ( not the template) is done by moi, in my attempts to have a reason to use MySQL and mess with an pretty cool object oriented programming language like php.

Feel free to poke around, or visit old links to work I’ve done in the past.