What is Social Conscience PBC?

In the practical sense, Social Conscience PBC is a consumer lending
and engineering design service company. In the social sense, Social Conscience refers to
the collective consciousness, we should embody as humans promoting dignity and care
for one another.

Our Services


Social Conscience PBC lends by asking individuals of your community whether they will support your loan application. This means there is no credit check, no need to prove proof of employment, nor a need for the borrower to put down collateral.

Before lending, a borrower’s eligibility for a loan is reviewed by conducting character reviews of the two individuals listed as cosponsors on the sign up form.

If the character reviews are favorable, then the applicant is allowed to apply for a loan. For every loan issued, the cosponsors are required to put down between of the loan. This amount will be returned in full to the cosponsors once the loan has been paid in full.  Current loans range from $200-750 for 3 to 6 month terms.

To learn more review our “ Applicant Process “ and Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

Hardware Design

We provide bespoke PCB designs for partners, clients and communities. Social Conscience PBC’s design services range from schematic capture, layout, to prototype development and testing. If you have a project, requiring a custom circuit board, an upgrade of an existing PCB design please contact us as eng [at] sconscience.org

In addition, we provide embedded firmware consulting services if you have a physical design but need software to bring your project to life.